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Thread: I feel like I want to cry. Then, ask a question

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    Default Re: I feel like I want to cry. Then, ask a question

    It is really hard. I bust my rear trying to pump enough for my baby and my DH (who stays home) is respectful of how hard it is for me to pump, but a little goes to waste now and then and I totally want to cry!! It's not easy pumping all the time!!

    Pump parts do get old. Have you already tried replacing your membranes? Those seem to wear out quickly on Medela pumps.

    I agree, you need to have a firm talk with your DCP. Like, this is what you're going to do from now on. Give them small bottles already filled with the portions you want them to use (3-4 oz). If he still seems hungry after a bottle, maybe they could offer yogurt (yogurt is one dairy product that's allowed before one year)? I also agree that 16 oz is not a realistic amount to pump in a day - I am a great pumper and I generally bring home 12-14 oz for my 8-9 hour day.

    If you're driving a lot, have you tried pumping while on the road? You get everything set up under a nursing cover or poncho (fasten your seatbelt before you put the horns on) and turn on the pump. Then drive. I find it to be a relatively low stress way to get an extra session in.

    Just some ideas here. I know it's really tough, but it's worth it. You can do it!!! Hang in there.

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    Default Re: I feel like I want to cry. Then, ask a question

    Definitely try a hospital grade pump. I have been using a symphony for the last two months and it has taken me from not replacing what my baby eats each day to replacing it AND putting 4-5 oz in the freezer each week. Huge difference for me. It is expensive and heavy but worth trying. I am giving mine back next week and I am going to see how it goes with just my PISA but the minute I notice that my supply is falling, I will rent it again. It is that good!!

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