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Thread: Oh my god help!

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    Default Oh my god help!

    It does NOT matter how hard i try; how much i drink; how many times i eat; how much i pump i can NOT make enough milk pumping for the next day while i work.......

    I have NO clue what to do...I hate using formula to supplement because it tears my lo's tummy up he gets sick on all of them (including nutramagine)...

    I have tried Fenugreek, tea, etc etc to no avail he eats any where from 10-20 oz when i work (depending on how long i'm stuck at work {Self employed}) and i'm LUCKY to get ONE 5 oz bottle all day......

    i have an ameda purely yours pump and am at a stupid horrifying loss. i HATE HATE HATE formula! any advice would be greatly appreciated; i know the milk is there we do GREAT nursing at night and on weekends...

    i'm to the point i'm ready to find somewhere/someone to get/buy bm from.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    How are often are you pumping at work? And for how long? Are you doing hand compressions? Do you pump outside of work? Do you pump while commuting (if you commute)?

    Assuming you are pumping often enough/long enough, the next question is whether it could be the pump itself. I haven't used the purely yours pump, but sometimes a stronger/more efficient pump can help. The most efficient are the hospital grade pumps that can be rented by the month, for example Medela Symphony. Also, is your pump new? Pumps can run down over time, parts run down leading to less suction, etc.

    Here's a link to a recent thread that covered this issue:

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    Default Re: Oh my god help!

    I agree with all of bfwmom's questions; give us a bit more info and we will try to help you out! I also wonder about the possibility that your baby is being overfed while you're at work and that could be part of why you're having trouble keeping up. How long are your workdays? The rule of thumb is that baby needs 1-1.5 oz of pumped milk for each hour away from mom. So if you're separated for 8 hours that would be 8-12 oz. 20 oz. is a lot, unless your workdays are 15 hrs or something. You probably do need to find a way to pump more, and we can help troubleshoot that, but over feeding might also be part of the issue and we can help with that too
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    Default Re: Oh my god help!

    20oz is a pretty serious example of your baby being overfed. Only in the event that you were away from your child from 15-20hours a time would that be an appropriate amount of food. How OFTEN are you pumping while away? Because you need to be pumping like 3 times in an 8hour period of time. Are you doing it that regularly?

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    Default Re: Oh my god help!

    Also, how old is your baby? Have your cycles started back? Could you be pregnant? How many times do you pump while at work (give me a range based on your varying schedule)? Have you always had this problem, or is it new?
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