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Thread: Daytime nursing and napping

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    My baby is almost 11 weeks old (adjusted age: 6 weeks) and still sleeps most of the day (is only awake when nursing and maybe an additional hour). When he wakes up, I offer him the breast, which he eagerly takes then passes out again. I'm worried he isn't spending much time awake or playing during the day. So my questions are: Should I be offering the breast when he wakes up or waiting for signs of hunger? Could the frequent nursing be making him extra sleepy during the day? Should I encourage more "awake" time? Thank you in advance for your help!

    Note: He is thriving and gaining over 1 lb. per week (he's an EBF preemie already at the 50% percentile with weight and height)

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    I don't completely remember b/c of the baby blur, but I think 6 week olds just sleep a lot. Not enough milk would make a baby more sleepy, so I certainly wouldn't hold off the food. You might try a wrap or sling to keep baby close to you. He'll benefit from being close to you and there's some evidence (sorry I don't have the reference at hand) that babies with more skin-to-skin or at least close-to-mommy time have more settled sleep and more quiet alert time than babies who are held less. Besides that, I would just wait. As he develops he will begin to "turn outward" Enjoy your little guy.

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    This sounds pretty normal to me. Eating a lot and sleeping a lot are good! He's working really hard at growing. One day soon he'll wake up to the world. Remember to sleep while he sleeps. Get it while you can!

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