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Thread: Storage in glass bottles?

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    Default Storage in glass bottles?

    Anyone know of 5 (or 8 oz) glass bottles that come with lids (vs nipples that you can't close tight to store)?

    I use a medela pump and have been storing milk in their plastic bottles and want to switch to glass for storing. I have Dr. Brown glass bottles, but they don't really work for storage because as far as I know they can only be capped with the nipple vs. a lid like the medela plastic ones. I just bought evenflo glass bottles, but they're 4 oz and I haven't opened the pack, but I think it only includes nipples, not lids, same issue as Dr. Brown's.

    What would also work was if a glass bottle simply had the same thread compatibility with the medela bottles, I could just use those caps, if anyone knows what matches.


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    Default Re: Storage in glass bottles?

    I use the 4 oz Evenflo glass bottles with Medela caps. The Evenflo bottles screw directly onto my Medela PISA. I bring milk into daycare in the Evenflo bottles, capped with the Medela caps and daycare screws on a Medela wide base nipple for feeding. I like it because I pump into the same bottle that she eats from so there is no pouring or heating up plastic bottles.

    I also have Dr. Brown's 4 oz plastic bottles and the Medela caps screw onto those too. I haven't 'road tested' them like I have the Evenflo bottles but they seem to have the same thread pattern. Have you tried your Medela caps on your Dr. Browns bottles? Again, mine are plastic, not glass but I would expect the plastic and glass ones would have the same thread pattern.

    ETA: the Evenflo bottles are 4 oz, but filled to the very top they do hold 5 oz or very close. Evenflo does make an 8 oz bottle and I'd put money on it having the same thread pattern as the 4 oz.
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    Default Re: Storage in glass bottles?

    Thanks! I took the evenflo's out of the pack and sure enough the medela caps work. I happen to have a Dr. Brown glass and plastic bottle and the thread pattern is different-- you're right, the medela cap works on the plastic bottle-- but it doesn't on the glass.

    In a perfect world the evenflo's would come in 5 ounce so I could just pump in to them, like you say, and store it in the medela cooler bag before heading home. 4 oz might work. Eight ounce bottles are too big to store in the cooler bag. Argh. No one's making it that easy to be green and say no to plastic!

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    Default Re: Storage in glass bottles?

    we used evenflo glass bottles, which always came with lids (well, ring + insert). why the need for a 5 oz bottle? is that how much you're pumping?

    just don't try to freeze 5 oz in a 4 oz bottle or the bottle will crack. not that i have experience with that
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    Default Re: Storage in glass bottles?

    My wife has used the EvenFlo Bottle of 4 oz. Its soft and flexible nipples sense baby's pressure and respond with the right amount of liquid.


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