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Thread: Bottle introduction?

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    Question Bottle introduction?

    Hey Mom's, I've got a bottle question.

    My baby is 6 weeks old and the lactation specialist I see told me that at around 4-6 weeks and/or when breastfeeding is well established, you can introduce a bottle and still be able to breastfeed, and supposedly there will be no confusion..

    So Mom's, when were you able to introduce a bottle and not have any issues with breast feeding? I'm planning to go back to school soon and I also want to be able to very occasionally go for example to get my hair done or something, or to go on a date with my husband for a few hours, but be able to still feed, without my DD starting to prefer the artificial nipple.

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    I went back to work at 6 weeks with my second and third babies, so I introduced the bottle at 4-5 weeks. No problems. Sounds like you've established a good breastfeeding relationship, I don't think you'll have a problem. In fact if you wait TOO long you might find that baby rejects the bottle, which is a problem if you're going back to school!
    I think you should go for it. But I think it works better if you have someone else give the bottle (DH, another family member). Baby expects the breast from you.

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    With DD1 we introduced the bottle around 3 weeks. I had DH give it to her, only 1 a day to get her used to it. She refused it if I tried. Then DH got slack and quit everyday and only occasionally (his work schedule got hectic). She ended up refusing the bottle by 8 weeks. So I recommend keeping it up!

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    I totally angsted over introducing the bottle, because I was so worried about bottle preference. We introduced it at 6 wks, since daycare would start at 12 wks. We ended up with a pretty stubborn case of bottle refusal! I still think our timing was right -- I just think it's impossible to predict how your baby will react... he could develop a nipple preference, or he could respond by letting you know just how much he prefers the breast, or he could be just fine with balancing both! So based on my limited personal experience, I think you should just go for it Babies get SO much more than just nutrition from breastfeeding, that if baby has been EBF successfully for 6 weeks, I doubt he will decide it's bottles or bust from here on out. But if an unexpected problem arises, there are lots of resources on the LLL info pages, Kellymom, and these boards to help you troubleshoot whatever issues come up Good luck!

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