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Thread: Fussing at breast? Just want the paci?

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    Question Fussing at breast? Just want the paci?

    Hey Moms!

    This is my second post here! - I have so many questions.

    I have an almost 6 week old BEAUTIFUL little girl, and I'm a first time mom who's exclusively breast feeding.

    So...recently baby has been fussing occasionally at the breast, when she's been showing her typical hunger signs, usually when she's seemingly fairly tired. It also seems to me that she sometimes doesn't like being lied side-ways to feed, she doesn't even get all the way to the breast, as soon as she's turned side-ways the crying starts. We've started giving her a pacifier because she'll fuss at the breast but appear to want to suck.. I've been told my her pediatrician and a lactation consultant that she's definitely a non-nutritive sucker.

    Basically I've been told giving her a pacifier is fine, since she's at least a month old and has established breast-feeding...

    Have any mother's also dealt with this though? It confuses me more than I think it confuses her, I really don't think she's got nipple confusion...but it confuses me that I she'll show hunger signs but not want the breast, but DOES want a pacifier..does she show those signs because that's the only way she can communicate that she wants to suck?

    Thanks Mom's for any words of advice/encouragement/personal-antidotes!!!

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    Default Re: Fussing at breast? Just want the paci?

    I would look into reflux. The reason I suggest it is because your little one is getting fussy when layed side ways, which is typical reflux behaviour. Also, sucking is desired by the reflux baby to soothe the pain, so they'll often want to feed often, despite not settling.

    I'd look at trying to ensure she is upright for feeds, and in particular upright for a good period afterwards. We've always held our babies up for a good 45mins after a feed otherwise they wake either refluxing or screaming and it all starts again.

    Good luck.

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