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Thread: Baby nursing often at night?

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    Default Baby nursing often at night?

    We cosleep and my 7 month old nurses frequently at night. I have read about the danger of baby bottle mouth from night nursing. Should I night wean? When? How? Please advise thanks!

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    There hasn't been any link found between nightnursing and cavaties. The mechanics of drinking from bottle and breast are different, with bottles pooling in the mouth. Also formula has a lot of added sugar which IMO contributes to early tooth decay. Also, genetics and in utero health play a large role in baby's teeth. You'd be better off getting a baby tooth brush and start instilling good habits by brushing twice daily now.

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    Default Re: Baby nursing often at night?

    Welcome to the forum!

    Unless your baby has unusually weak tooth enamel, there's no reason to worry about night nursing causing cavities. First, the sugars in breastmilk aren't the ones that are associated with tooth decay. Second, the breast delivers milk in a very different way from the bottle. A bottle will continuously drip milk into a baby's mouth, and milk will pool in the mouth, even when the baby isn't actively sucking. The breast, on the other hand, does not deliver milk unless the baby is actively sucking and swallowing. This means that milk cannot pool in the mouth. That's why tooth decay in babies is called "baby bottle mouth", not "baby breastmilk mouth".

    This link explains more in depth: http://kellymom.com/health/baby-health/tooth-decay/

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