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Thread: Gaining weight to fast?

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    Talking Gaining weight to fast?

    My lo is 6 weeks old. She is a wonderful nurser. She eats every 2-3 hours during the day than goes to sleep around 8:30 and getting up at 2 and 5:30 at night. She has 6 wet / 3 poo diapers a day. She was 7ib 13 oz at birth and dropped down to 7 ib 6 oz by day 3. But by day 5 she was back at birthweight. And by 3 weeks was 9 Ibs. I'm worried that since she is only 6 weeks old and is over 11 Ibs that she is going to be an "fat" baby. Is there anything that I need to do or is this normal and I just have a bunch or skinny babies around she gets no supplements at all but I do have an overproduction and forceful let down on one side. Could that be what's making her chunky?
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    Both my babies gained weight really quickly in the first few months, then leveled out. That's the normal pattern for breast fed babies. My son was like 12#12 at 2 mos, but only 18 lbs by 9 mos. Similar gain for my daughter.
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    Good job, mama! I love chunky little babies My DD was the same weight as yours at birth, and by 2 months she was 12lbs 3 oz. She's huge compared to her cousin, who is 5 days older than DD. Both babies are EBF... I think every baby is just different. My mom says that I gained ridiculously fast in the first 6 months, then slowed down when I started to crawl and move around. I've read in several places that it's not possible to overfeed a breastfed baby. They're pretty good at knowing how much they need!

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    Every baby is different. And it is totally normal for a breastfed baby to gain rapidly during infancy, sometimes as much as a pound per week! The rate of weight gain tends to drop as the baby gets more physically active. A new baby does nothing but lie around, nurse, and pack on the fat. An older baby starts allocating more and more calories to action- reaching, rolling, kicking, sitting squirming, crawling, cruising, etc.- and less to building fat reserves. Your LO's weight gain will probably begin to slow somewhere in the 4-8 month window.

    Both my girls gained extremely fast during infancy, rapidly shooting up to the 95-99th percentile range on the weight for age charts, despite having been born on the small-average side. They both slimmed way down as they moved into the second half of their first year, dropping back to the 75-85th percentile range.

    One thing to look for is your baby's height and head circumference percentiles. If your baby is roughly matching in height, weight, and head circumference, then she's proportional, not fat. And if she's not matchy-matchy- let's say her weight percentile is far in excess of her height/head circumference- then just wait. There's every reason to expect a major slim-down as your LO gets into the second part of her first year.

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