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    Hello! I had my second child 9 weeks ago and nursing has been ok so far until now. I recall having what seemed to be a blockage when I nursed my first child but it seemed to have subsided very quickly. I got a big lump on my breast on Monday after I missed a feedig when my newborn slept longer than usual and I didnt pump enough. I also wore a bra that was too small and may have slept awkwardly (kind of a perfect storm) so I think it is a clogged duct by very worried about reduced milk flow. With my first child, I never had enough flow and felt very guilty and had to start supplementing. Should I worry if I can't get this blockage out by tomorrow??? I have tried everything hand massage, warm compress, changing position, warm shower...please HELP!!! Thank you!

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    No need to worry as long as you continue to nurse on demand and as long as the baby's diaper output continues to be normal. Plugged ducts can be persistent. Some will last for just a few hours or a day or two, but they can go on for a week or more. The long-lasting ones don't doom a mom's supply- generally the baby compensates for reduced yield from the plugged area(s) by draining the unplugged ducts more thoroughly and nursing more frequently.

    Onikac, are you pumping because you are going back at work, or because of worry over your supply?

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    Red face Re: Clogged Duct? Tumor? What is it?

    I started pumping to increasr supply as well as prepare for work. Unfortunately I lost some of my frozen breast milk during the hurricane Sandy timeframe so I am starting from scratch with only a few weeks to bring my frozen supply back up. That is why I am so worried about the reduction in supply. Additionally nursing is very painful for me at first and I feel like I am back to square one with this clogged duct. It has been 48 hrs at this point, and I hope there is no risk of infection. Thanks ffoe your quick response. I didn't know who to call!!!

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    Good advice from mommal.

    Just wanted to add that I find I need to be very aggressive with plugged ducts. While in the shower I would "rake" my fingers down across the area and hand express in the shower too. The warmth and massage combined with nursing nursing nursing will help.

    Try not to stress about your supply,just nurse and it will be fine.
    As for losing the milk stash that's terrible! Very upsetting. But you can do it. Keep in mind you really only need a day worth of milk to go back. Obviously we all like to have a bit more as "safety". I used to simply pump after the first nursing each day. If the baby falls asleep and you can add in a little session before you go to bed go ahead, but try not to stress.

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    The best thing you can do for a clogged duct is NURSE NURSE NURSE! Don't back away. And warm compresess while IN THE Shower. (and maybe then NURSING in the shower!)

    Way too lazy for formula

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