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    My milk occasionally does not drip down into the bottle, instead it gets pulled up to my breast and stops/decreases the pump suction. I am wondering if I need to change the size of the breast shield. I have a Madela In Style pump. Any advice is appreciated!

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    We seemed to have missed this when you posted. I'm sorry about that!

    Is the milk that gets drawn back up breaking the suction? Or does it block the tubing?

    I haven't been able to find any info about this specific problem.... I'm hoping some of our experienced pumping moms will have ideas.

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    I have never experienced this. Are your valve membranes in good condition? This can affect the suction, and if the membranes aren't laying down on the valve properly it would create a path for milk to go back up into the shield. Those membranes can get worn out quickly if you pump a lot. I always had a spare set in my bag.
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