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Thread: Spotting?!

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    Not to be overly TMI, but I noticed some slightly colored discharge while wiping today. My LO is gaining at the bare minimum, but he was a very petite baby and the ped noted he is at the 3.6 %ile and is bordering the line between sufficient and supplement. Would this be cause for my cycle to start back up? Or is this normal?

    Thank you!

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    I had spotting while breastfeeding in the early months, it's completely normal. What is your LO's diaper out put each day? How old is your LO? Are you EBF? Are you pumping?
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    A little spotting here and there is common. It may be your body's way of telling you that it's gearing up to have a fertile cycle. Or it may be a side effect of hormonal contraception (pill, mini-pill, patch, ring, Mirena IUD), if you're using that.

    Often a mom's fertility will return when her baby starts sleeping long periods at night. 6 or more hours without nursing is usually enough to allow your estrogen levels to rise high enough to bring back your cycle. So if your baby is sleeping through, you might want to start waking him.

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    I had some spotting around 3 months pp and then again at 14 months. The 14 month spotting was a few weeks before my period came back.
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