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Thread: *new here with a few questions!*

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    Question *new here with a few questions!*

    Hey all! My name is Latoya. Im a mommy of 3, breastfed my first two babies via pump/bottle, with this time being my first experience EBFing. My newest addition will be one month old tomorrow. Im loving the experience, but find myself stumbling across a few bumps and i want to try to tackle them early on! hoping for some advice from you ladies. First of all, i was wondering if it was normal for a one month old to nurse only a few minutes at a time, specifically during the day. these past few days ive been fighting to get him to stay awake or not fuss on the boob, resulting in his feeds only lasting 5 minutes tops on one breast at a time. At night he feeds like a champ and will nurse for 10-15 minutes almost draining me. if we get a good burp out, he'll latch onto the next breast for maybe 5 minutes before conking back out. He still has plenty of wet diapers. His BM have decreased but still fall into th range of about 4 a day.Is this ok, or should I be trying everything to get him to nurse longer? if so, what tricks do you guys suggest?

    secondly, my supply has been all over the place and is concerning me! my left breast is what seems like completely empty, and my right is fuller but not nearly what it used to be. At one point they were engorged, then the right side became emptier. i went back to engorged a week later, then balanced out but now im at lower than normal, empty on the left and not producing as fast between feedings as i used to. Im wondering if my supply fluctuation has any correlation with baby's fussiness/short feedings. i tried to start pumping 2 days ago to make an attempt to balance and up my supply but it hasnt done anything and almost seems like it stunted it!! i could just be paranoid, but im afraid the pumping is going to kill my suppply for some reason! lol Ive been drinking mothers milk tea which worked on my supply with my last child but it doesnt seem to be doing anything this time. i also purchased a bottle of fenugreek but have taken it once or twice a day in the last few days. Do you mommas have an insight on my situation or tips on how to stay on track!? im wanting to reach my 6 month goal of EBFing!! TIA!

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    your first question is easy. as long as baby is gaining appropriately, that all sounds normal.

    your second query makes me wonder if you have a touch of overproduction and/or forceful letdown (milk comes out fast). this need not be a problem, btw, but it might explain some things.

    feeling engorged, while common, is not 'normal' and feeling empty does not mean you are having a supply dip. my guess is there is absolutely nothing wrong with your production, in fact, as i said, you may have overproduction.

    as you are finding, breastfeeding is very different than pumping.

    do you feed 'on cue'? about how many times do you nurse baby each 24 hour day? any long periods where you do not nurse?
    does baby generally take one side per feeding or both sides?

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    As babies get more and more practice bfing, they get better at it. They will get more out in less time. If he falls asleep usually that means he is satisfied, but just to be sure change his diaper, and that should wake him up, and offer him the breast again. As for the supply, just keep ebf and you should be fine. If diaper out put is good you know you should be fine. Sounds like you are doing great!
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