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Thread: Clicking Sounds

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    I asked my sister to watch to see if she thought something wasn't right. I have been going back and forth with a LLL about the issues we've neen having and she's the one who suggested it. I should've considered it first since his father has a short tongue, not sure if he's tt though. I don't feel like I'm on any sort of ledge I just want to know if I can make things better. As I said previously its getting worse. He clicks almost consistently and is struggling to get milk in between letdowns and to get the letdowns period. I can pump more efficiently than my son which isn't supposed to happen or so I think. To clarify I can get three to four letdowns pumping where he can usually only get two in twenty minutes. If it makes any difference he also clicks a lot when I give him a pacifier.

    When I say not sleeping well, several times he has woken up from sleep screaming. I pick him up and he lets out a burp. This happens over an hour after he's eaten with me doing my best to burp him right after. He wakes up from gas frequently as well. Maybe that is normal but sure doesn't seem so to me. When we give him bottles, its only been a few, he is much more content and doesn't barf like when he nurses.

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    I think it would be very helpful for you to see a professional who is capable of diagnosing and treating tongue tie and lip tie in the breastfeeding infant. A pediatrician, an ENT, or a pediatric dentist. Hopefully someone in your area can direct you or you can go back to your pediatrician and ask for a referral or a second opinion. LLL moms, Leaders and your sister (unless she is a doctor) are not going to be able to diagnose or treat this problem. Even IBCLC's -at least in the US- are not empowered to actually 'diagnose' an issue like this or treat it, although certainly many do recognize it when they see it. From what you have written here, the symptoms are consistent with forceful letdown. (forceful letdown can casue baby to compress the nipple which would explain latch pain or mishapen nipples.) They are also consistent with tongue tie, except the weight gain, which could be explained by you having lots of milk. And it is possible both things are or were occurring.

    Lots of babies have some form of tight frenulum issues, and how and if will negatively affect breastfeeding is variable. But if it IS negatively affecting breastfeeding then the right choice, healthwise, certainly, is to treat it. IMO!

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    Thank you ladies for all the information on this thread. My DS has a lot of the symptoms of tt so we utilized the information in some of the links and my dh and I tried to assess the possibility of our DS having either. It appears that he has a severe lip tie. We're going to be asking his doctor about possible problems since I know it can cause tooth decay later in life. We had no idea to even look until I read this thread so thank you! QD thank you for starting the thread.

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