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Thread: No more space for frozen milk...options??

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    Default No more space for frozen milk...options??

    I am running out of room in my freezer for my bags of breastmilk. I have about 7 or 8 large ziplock bags with frozen milk in them. I got way ahead of myself and started storing from when DD was 1 week old, b/c I didn't want to take a chance on being short on any milk for her as I knew I had to go back to work when she was 3 months this time. I already gave two bags to my mom to keep in her freezer for when she watches DD, but I still have 7 bags in my freezer. I really can't see spending money on a mini freezer at this point. cheapest one I found is $160. I don't want to donate any just yet, b/c I plan for her to have BM only until she is a year, or even 15 months. I plan to mix BM with her cereal when she starts solids, etc. and plan to put BM in her sippy when she starts drinking out of a sippy cup.

    Problem is, that I not only have ALL this milk stored up but i keep having to store MORE b/c whatever I pump at work I have to end up freezing, as well as most morning I have to pump off a few ounces prior to DD's first feeding casue my breasts as so full.

    And, I pump each night that Im home, around 9-10pm before I go to bed, to just have that be a "session" and keep up my supply, since I have to when im at work on friday and saturday nights anyway. So, im easily getting 4-6 ounces daily, even prior to working. and then when i work, I get in just 3 pumping sessions at work, around 18 ounces, right now..im sure that may change and my output may go down once im back to work for a few weeks, i just started back this past weekend.[from 1030pm-730am]. I can't see to keep this milk in the fridge all week long until she needs to have EBM in a bottle again, which isnt for 6-7 more days. :???: .

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    Default Re: No more space for frozen milk...options??

    Well, if you don't want to donate and you don't have space to store it, the only other option is to throw the oldest milk out Kind of sucks, but I've had to toss quite a bit of milk myself as we ran out of room--probably several hundred ounces over the year I spent pumping. I would have donated, but I'm on meds that aren't compatible with donating (fine for my full-term healthy baby, not fine for sick preemies). For you, I would suggest cutting back on the extra pumping, especially if you can't store it. If you want to pump while not at work, limit it to one extra session per day and let your supply adjust downwards. Then you won't have as much extra milk left over that you have to store. It is quite likely that your pump output will decrease at some point and then you may need to rely on your freezer stash, so keep as much of the newer milk as you're able to store. I had no problems pumping more than my son would drink from just 2 sessions per day until my son was 10.5 months, then I had a drop in output when I got my period back and had to increase to 3 sessions a day and still wasn't getting as much as I'd previously gotten from 2 sessions, although I could always make enough. It happens to almost everybody sooner or later. When it does, it's nice to have the freezer stash to fall back on. I have lipase issues that cause my milk to go bad in the freezer within a couple of weeks, even though I was scalding it prior to freezing, so I had to be able to keep up with my baby every day. Luckily I could, but I had a pretty easy time pumping--not all women do. Best of luck to you!
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