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Thread: Pediatrician recommends no nighttime feeding

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    Default Pediatrician recommends no nighttime feeding

    Lo had his 9 month app today. She stated he's a healthy little boy! She asked about his diet which consist of ebm plus solids at daycare, on demand feeding plus bls when home. She gave me some tips on foods and then asked how he was sleeping at night. To which I responded "great! He still wakes up to nurse a couple of times at night". She recommended that I discontinued that as it wasn't good for baby. And better for me. She suggested offering him room temperatured water instead. I'm a little confused. She's always been very supportive and even told me what an amazing job I've done by feeding him. Is it possible for lo to get cavities this way? I can't imagine getting out of bed to offer my little man water when all hes looking for is the boob:-(
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    Default Re: Pediatrician recommends no nighttime feeding

    There's nothing wrong with night-nursing as long as mom and baby are both okay with it. Nighttime feedings allow mom and baby to reconnect after a day spent apart, they provide calories for baby, they help keep mom's milk supply high (this is especially important for working moms who are relying on the pump a lot of the time!), and they help keep mom's fertility away (no guarantees!). They don't cause dental decay (see this link: http://kellymom.com/health/baby-health/tooth-decay/). The only negative thing about night feedings is that they can make mom tired!

    Ignore your doc. You pay her for medical advice; she gave you parenting advice. Anyone can give that!

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    Default Re: Pediatrician recommends no nighttime feeding

    Well, it's not like the pedi hasn't been wrong before! My DD will be 9 months tomorrow, and last night she was up 4 times to eat. That's like a HUGE portion of her milk. If I just stopped feeding her in the nighttime, when would she get those calories? She already eats every 1.5-2hrs during the day! I would keep doing what you are doing and nurse at night until you feel like you both are ready to stop

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    Default Re: Pediatrician recommends no nighttime feeding

    My pediatrician has been telling me the same thing since my DD was about 4 months old. I ignore him. He also told me to let her CIO, like that was a medical opinion. He has shown he knows nothing about breastfeeding, so I've decided it's just not an area where I'll take his advice. When I took my DD in because she was really upset and wouldn't nurse (and was acting like it hurt her) he tried to tell me she was probably weaning -- this was at like 9 or 10 months, and it was obvious she wasn't. Do what you think is best -- there's no evidence it's bad for babies, and as the pps said, evidence points to the contrary.
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    Default Re: Pediatrician recommends no nighttime feeding

    Your pediatrician has no business talking about sleep. There are no "sleep milestones".

    Is your baby growing well? Gaining well? Hitting milestones? Yes? Then why are they trying to fix something that isn't broken?

    Passive response: Just ignore them.
    Aggressive response: "Isn't good for baby? Oh really? What specifically isn't good for them? I read an article by Dr. Sears which says the exact opposite. I'm really interested in where you're getting your information so I can research it myself."

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