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Thread: Confused about when to begin weaning 16 month old

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    Default Confused about when to begin weaning 16 month old


    My dd is 16 months (almost 17 mos.) and I keep going back and forth with feelings that it's time for me to begin weaning, although I really thought I wanted my dd to naturally wean...mostly for the reason that I can't get her to stop gnawing with her teeth and also for the fact that we would like to try for #2.

    I completely understand that I don't have to give up bf'ing to get pregnant, but then it might "help" in the long run...My period finally came back this month and I've been very excited about the possibility of becoming pregnant again. (Last publication of New Beginnings magazine has a great article on Fertility!) Maybe I'm becoming sore again because my period is about to start again??

    Have any of you felt the same way? What did you do? Any suggestions?

    Thanks so much,

    PS I thought about posting this question in the Weaning forum, but thought I'd start here with extended breastfeeding moms.

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    Default Re: Confused about when to begin weaning 16 month old

    Hi Carla
    You might well be feeling a little sore due to your fertility returning. I know know that several days before my period I don't really want to nurse. We get over it an are now reaching the 2 year mark! It is a wonderful bag of emotions these children give us!
    Best wishes in trying to concieve

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    Default Re: Confused about when to begin weaning 16 month old

    or you might already be pg... my nipples got so sore when I was pg with my 4th and my 3rd was still nursing. I had had many cylces inbetween them.
    Anyways.. pg will happen when it's ment too.
    as far as weaning goes how often is the baby nursing?
    there is lots of good info on the LLLI web site
    or you could call your local leader and talk to her or even beter go to a meeting 4th meeting is sometimes about weaning.

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