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Thread: Is 3 oz a decent feeding?

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    so the nutritionist thought all was well?

    fyi the international board of lactation consultant examiners has a complaint form you can file. See their website. http://americas.iblce.org/profession...ics-for-ibclcs

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    Default Re: Is 3 oz a decent feeding?

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*lllmeg View Post
    From about one month old until baby is eating solids well, babies need between 25 and 35 ounces of breastmilk a day. If your baby gets 3 ounces at every feeding, then as long as baby is nursing 10 times a day you could be sure baby is getting enough. But of course your baby may be taking more or less at each feeding, intake per nursing session would normally vary.

    Suggesting that baby needs formula due to the results of one before and after weight check seems odd. And 3 ounces seems adequate anyway. Did she talk with you about ways to get more breastmilk into baby-possibly upping frequency of feedings, doing breast compressions, improving latch or sucking skills-anything?
    Dude that was ONE SIDE. Her baby is getting MORE than that at every feeding if he eats off both boobs!

    Way too lazy for formula

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