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Thread: Painful Night time weaning

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    Question Painful Night time weaning

    I am so so glad and proud that I am was able to nurse my DD through 12 months. She turns one on new year's eve. She wasnt much of a nurser other than the night time and first time morning feed. So we ended up co sleeping for the past several months. Now, I stopped pumping for almost 6 weeks and just over the last one week trying to wean her off the last night time feed.

    She refuses to take the bottle and literally pounces on me. I am hurting a lot and just tired of her sucking when I know there is no milk. She doesnt want to sleep in the crib. Gets up and reaches out her arms. I think the hormones are not helping either.. I am sad, mixed feelings, tired, cranky which ends up with a screaming match with my DH for the past two nights which makes her cry even more! I know, not helpful for anyone. In th emidst of all this, I am bleeding like anything assuming because of weaning.

    So turning to my other mamas that have been there - any ideas on how to best wean off the night time feed? Our first step was going to be for her to go to bed without me around so dad to put her to sleep with a full bottle. What do y'all think?

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    Wow. It sounds like you are having a really hard time. What makes you think there is no milk? Is there a reason you feel like you have to be done nursing by the time she is one? Have you thought that maybe you need to take it a little slower?

    When is the last night-time feed? Is it right before bed? I think that if you are going to night-wean her, especially at this age, and especially when she clearly still wants to nurse - then you should not be going to her at all at night. Your DH needs to handle it. Your daughter wants to nurse but she won't expect to nurse with Daddy. As for if you should put her to sleep with a bottle... I don't know. Have you guys tried a pacifier? also, are her molars coming in? That is usually really hard for babies and makes them want to nurse even more.

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