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Thread: Nursing and aunt flow

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    Default Nursing and aunt flow

    Hi all you Mommies,

    I have a question more related to the return of AF and nursing...My baby is now 16 months old. So happy we made it this long!!! When he was 13 months I got AF back but it comes every 19 days and this is very unusual for me. I used to be 28 days and not a day more/less. I know it's normal for my period to be different but I don't think this is very healthy. Ive had 4 periods in the past 3 months and I feel very weak...my moods seemed to have changed as well. I feel as though as I have no patience left in me and I'm so irritable and short tempered...and we all know how much patience toddlers need! What do I do? I have been on the mini pill since my DS was 6 months old and I don't know what other options I have in terms of birth control tat are safe other than an IUD or diaphragm (no thanks)...Also, I don't think I could possibly even be ovulating in such a short cycle, right?

    My gyno doesn't seem to be concerned...I guess since im not looking to get pregnant she doesn't really care!

    Any advice? Support? I feel so weak :-(

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    I'm not sure if your body is just getting back into the swing of things or if it's something else. My body did take a few cycles to become more regulated. Also, sometimes I still randomly get a really short cycle.

    We use condoms when there's a chance I could get pregnant and I learned a ton from reading taking charge of your fertility. It was great to learn exactly what was happening with my body. I don't like pills or iuds and we've been really happy this way.

    Check out the book. It's great. Good luck. Hope that helps some!

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    Default Re: Nursing and aunt flow

    The periods you've had- how heavy were they? Normal, or more like spotting? Often moms who are taking hormonal contraception will have what's called "breakthrough" bleeding in the middle of the month. Breakthrough bleeding tends to be more towards the spotting end of the spectrum, so if you're having real period-like bleeding with heavy flow, then it's probably not breakthrough.

    I think that when a mom says she's having menstrual irregularities, mood issues, and feels weak, she should go in and talk to her GP about her health in general and her thyroid in particular, since thyroid disorders (both hypo and hyper) are very common in the postpartum period and can cause all three of the symptoms you mentioned- in addition to many others.

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    If you're bleeding that often and feeling weak you may also be anemic. I agree with seeing GP and having your blood count tested.

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    Default Re: Nursing and aunt flow

    I am having similar issues and I think it is due to the mini pill. I actually stopped taking it a few days ago because my periods were sometimes really long (3 weeks at one point), sometimes I would get them twice in one month and sometimes there would just be a shortened cycle like you are describing. I have the weakness you are describing as well. If getting off the pill is not an option, I would suggest taking the pill at EXACTLY the same time each day. I had some success with that a long time ago, but it was way before the baby came along. Also, for the weakness I would recommend Floradix. It is a really awesome iron and vitamin supplement that my midwife recommended. Its a liquid and it tastes pleasant enough. You should be able to get it at most health food stores. Just be sure to keep it in the fridge and out of the reach of your toddler! Are you not planning on getting pregnant ever again? Is a vasectomy an option for your partner?

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