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Thread: Still having cramps?

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    Default Still having cramps?

    LO is 3 months old (actually, 3 and a half today), and I'm still getting terrible contractions/cramps every now and then when I nurse her. It's getting less frequent, but I'd say it's at least three or four times a week. Is that normal?

    Also, I'm currently on my period, and this is my fourth since having LO/since postpartum bleeding stopped. Is that normal? I thought you weren't supposed to get periods when breastfeeding? I'm on the BC pill, if that makes any difference...

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    Default Re: Still having cramps?

    It's a myth that you can't have your period while breastfeeding. Menstruation can return at any time when you're nursing. Some nursing moms will get their fertility back within a few weeks or months of birth, most will go many months without a period, and a few will not get their periods back until their babies/toddlers are completely weaned.

    If you're on the combination estrogen-progestin pill, then the "period" you're getting isn't a real period. Technically speaking, it's withdrawal bleeding caused by that week of placebo pills that are included in every pack. I am not sure if the same applies if you are on the progestin-only mini-pill- but I think it does.

    How has your milk supply been? Any issues? Some moms find that hormonal contraception has a negative impact on supply. This is particularly true of the combination pills. The mini-pill is much less likely to cause issues.

    Regarding the cramping... Well, when you nurse you release oxytocin which causes the uterus to contract. That's typically painless, except for the relatively brief period during which the uterus is shrinking back to its antepartum size. So painful cramping at 3.5 months postpartum doesn't sound entirely normal to me. I'd contact your doc or midwife and get an expert opinion!

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    Default Re: Still having cramps?

    I agree with mommal about seeing your doc/midwife. Assuming you had about 6 weeks of postpartum bleeding, it sounds like you've had 4 periods in the last 8 weeks or so - is that right? That does not sound like typical menstrual bleeding, especially since you are also having the pain too.
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