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Thread: Is that a milk allergy?

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    Default Is that a milk allergy?

    My LO is almost 8 months old and nursing well. Yesterday he had Ella's kitchen vanilla-milk cookies and today he got red rash all over his body.
    So my question is, would he be allergic to milk?
    I'm eating diary and he never had any reactions before.
    Also wouldn't he get the rash right a way, after he had the cookie.

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    Default Re: Is that a milk allergy?

    Based on the data you have, I don't think you can draw a conclusion about allergies. I mean, it's possible that your LO has a milk allergy- but he could also be allergic to something else he ate. Or to something in his environment- pollen, dander, dust, detergent, etc. Or the rash could be the result of illness, completely unrelated to allergy.

    I would simply keep an eye on your LO and be cautious with his foods. If you notice similar symptoms after eating certain foods, you might want to reconsider allergies. But for now, I wouldn't worry over it.

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