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Thread: Nipples are sore and bleeding! Please help!

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    Default Nipples are sore and bleeding! Please help!

    i've been breastfeeding for 2 1/2 weeks. so many challenges! when one nipple heals, the other one is sore.

    one of my nipples feels great during breastfeeding; no problems at all. however, it looks potruding, red, and has bumps on the tip. the milk flows out good, and no engorgement.

    the other nipple seemed to be mauled off. it was so painful to breastfeed, so i changed positions. it worked. then i realized that it was still painful to breastfeed on that side. the bottom of my nipple/areola area appeared to be ripped off, and looked like it was hanging on by one side.

    tried everything from warm papertowels on my nipples, air drying, warm showers, hydrogel pad, and lots of applications of lansinoh. today i attempted to pump out mymilk from the injured nipple, and it seemed to make it worse. blood immediately came out, and the pain was ridiculous. when i took a closer look at my nipple, the bottom of my nipple seemed to be gone.

    right now i'm letting latch on to my good boob for as long as my baby can, then i supplement with formula. i don't have any other choice.

    i don't have a fever, no vomiting, and no pus coming out of my nipple. please help me to heal this nipple so that i can breastfeed my baby!! i don't want to give up. i called a lactation consultant to make an appointment, and am waiting for a call back. in the meantime please send some advice!!!


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    Default Re: Nipples are sore and bleeding! Please help!

    Hi mama. ouch! that really hurts, I say that from experience! It was my chewed up nipples that brought me here many years ago. Basically you need to work on baby's latch. It sounds to me like baby is getting a shallow latch and basically nursing on the nipple only. One thing you can do is make baby open really wide by positioning nipple near his nose and then sandwiching your breast and putting a lot in his mouth before he shuts it.

    Are you supplimenting because of pain? You really need to nurse as much as humanly possible because your supply is super touchy at this point. work on the latch. Also make sure with open wounds that you don't do the hydro gel packs, keeping the cuts hot and moist can easily lead to thrush. Try to go topless as much as possible and let nipples dry out/be exposed to sunlight/air out.

    Keep nursing! You can make it!!!
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