My LO is 5 weeks old and after some inital nursing issues in the beginning she has been breastfeeding amazingly. She came down with broncitis at 3 weeks old and after taking predizone and Xophanex for a week and was better. But ever since then I have noticed that when ever i consume anything with dairy in it she screams and screams and has really really bad gas. At one point i looked at my dh and said " okay there is no way that came out of her, did you do it?"!!!! So I have cut out dairy for a week now. Then yesterday she started getting really fussy and had bad gas all night and into the morning. Today she has been really fussy and not wanting to nurse much. She will latch on for about 5 min and the pull off screaming. She does it 3-4 times before setteling down and actually nursing. All she seems to want to do is suck on her pacifier. Wha do I do to help her get the gas out? Did i give her nipple confusion by giving her the pacifier? Is that why she is screaming when she nurses? Any help would be much appreciated!!!