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Thread: Building up a freezer supply

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    Default Building up a freezer supply

    Sorry if I'm posting too much. I have no one that I know who's breastfed and all my books don't really cover this. So far, this website had been a fantastic resource.

    I want to build up some milk in my freezer. So far, after the morning feed, I pump about 1-1.5oz. I could probably pump more but was concerned about emptying my boobs in case LO wanted to eat again. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Building up a freezer supply

    In my understanding and experience, your body will adjust to your baby's demand for milk. So if you pump, your body will still make more milk when your LO demands it. Pumping is actually a good way to increase your milk supply. If you pump after feeding and you still have milk coming, then I would say keep going until the milk stops. You will build up your frozen supply faster and you won't be taking milk away from your baby.

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    Default Re: Building up a freezer supply

    I think that's a good start. Try taking a little more tomorrow, and a little more the next day. If you have the luxury of time, that is, when it comes to building your stash. Taking any milk in addition to nursing at the same time each day will increase your supply, and you don't have to empty the breast really completely in order to encourage increased production. However, if you're in more of a hurry to build your stash, definitely take the PP's advice rather than mine!

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