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Thread: Baby one week old -- latches, comes off repeatedly

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    Default Baby one week old -- latches, comes off repeatedly

    When she is first settling down to nurse, she latches, then comes off, and re-latches several times. sometimes it can take 5-10 minutes just to get her to be actually nursing (grr!!), then she slips to the tip/comes off before she's emptied the breast...is she done with that side even though it's not empty (I know it's not because when I give a little squeeze more milk comes out)? should I put her back on? switch to the other side? let her sleep? half the time she absolutely refuses to wake again and I don't know what to do...help!

    I'm also having a lot of pain from my milk coming in, and my nipples are very sore -- is this normal for the first week, or is she not latched right? When I try to correct her latch we just go back to the latch,come off,re-latch cycle...

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    Default Re: Baby one week old -- latches, comes off repeatedly

    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new baby and on making it to a whole week of nursing!

    Repeated latching/unlatching/relatching is very normal for such a young baby. Until a week ago, she never had to coordinate her body in this way and it's going to take her a while how to learn to latch and nurse with maximum efficiency. Some things which may help:
    - Express a little milk onto the nipple surface before beginning to nurse, so that baby gets the taste of milk in her mouth as soon as she latches on. This can remind a baby why she's on the breast in the first place.
    - Try different nursing positions. Sometimes a baby will be more comfortable/efficient in one special position.

    Slipping up onto the nipple is also very common. It often happens when baby's mouth gets tired out by having the weight of the breast dragging at it. If this is the case with your baby, try supporting the breast throughout the feeding using your hand or a rolled-up washcloth tucked under the breast. Another reason why babies slip up onto the nipple is to cope with a fast letdown of milk- compressing the nipple is like crimping the straw. Some signs of oversupply/fast letdown:
    - Mom frequently feels engorged or full
    - Mom may leak a lot
    - Mom may experience strong letdown sensation
    - Mom can pump a lot of milk in a short period of time, if she is pumping (Note: you absolutely should not be pumping right now!)
    - If baby unlatches during a letdown, mom may see milk stream or squirt from the breast
    - Baby may nurse very quickly, in as little as 5-10 minutes
    - Baby may spit up a lot after nursing
    - Baby's poops may Be consistently or frequently green

    Can you tell us more about the soreness? Is it more of a burning pain, or more of a pinching? Does it persist in between feedings? Nipples more pink or red than normal? Are the nipples ever blanched (turned white, or perhaps white and then bluish purple) after feedings? Any cracking, blistering, or dry-looking flaking skin? Any white patches on the nipple or in the baby's mouth?

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    Default Re: Baby one week old -- latches, comes off repeatedly

    yes, burning pain persists between feedings (24/7, actually) -- not discolored in any way. Were cracked and scabbed, then scabs flaked off. I put breastmilk on, they seem to be healing, but still very sore. No white patches. The worst pain is when baby is latching on, then it gets better (but still hurts) during the feeding, and continues to hurt after she comes off.

    When she comes off before the breast is empty, should I consider her finished with that side and move her to the other side, or put her back on the same side?
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