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Thread: Increase supply to give extra to mom

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    Default Increase supply to give extra to mom

    My mom is due in 8 weeks with her 11th.she has never been able to produce enough milk with out supplementing for any of us. My lo is 5 weeks old and I already am able to keep her happy and pump 6 oz from my left breast a day for freezer milk. But I would love to be able to produce enough so that my mom will not have to put her baby on formula at all. Any suggestions on what has worked for y'all ?
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    Default Re: Increase supply to give extra to mom

    Would your mom let her baby nurse from you? That would be the best way to up your supply, your body would just respond to having another baby nursing and increase its milk production accordingly. I just wondered, since it's your mom and it sounds like you guys are close, maybe you guys would both be cool with that.

    Of course there is also pumping more frequently and saving the milk for her. Your body would respond to increased pumping by upping your milk supply. And there are certain dietary supplements that increase milk production, like fenugreek or mothers milk tea. Eating oatmeal helps, but on its own probably wouldn't increase your supply significantly enough to feed another baby.
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