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Thread: Getting Frustrated: Weak/Lazy Nurser and Keeping Up Supply

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    Exclamation Getting Frustrated: Weak/Lazy Nurser and Keeping Up Supply

    I posted before in a different board but had slightly different questions. So I'm just throwing this out there to get some feedback and help for maybe a different approach. I'm starting to go a little batty. O_O

    Baby was born at 35 weeks and she is now almost 8 weeks (3.5 weeks adjusted). At her two week appointment, she was barely making her diaper output and had slow weight gain, so we had to add supplements (she was on the breast literally non-stop at that point, so it must be that her milk transfer is poor). I saw my local IBCLC to check latch and rent a pump and she said that latch was good, she just needs to get stronger.

    So I guess now my real question is...
    Do I nurse until she's not actively sucking, top off, pump often?
    Do I let her nurse non-stop instead?

    So confused. I've been doing sort of a combo of these things because she really needs her comfort sucking. Oh, I also recently did a nursing-in-bed all day and she did fairly well, but the next two days she seemed really tired out and didn't work hard at all.

    I feel like I just can't keep up with her. For almost a month now I either have her or the pump attached (during the day I usually don't let an hour go by without one of them on me). My supply really hasn't improved with all of this (and Fenugreek and lactation bars I've made and tons of water) and I still end up using a little formula.
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    Default Re: Getting Frustrated: Weak/Lazy Nurser and Keeping Up Supp

    The first three months of my daughters life we nursed every other hour for at least an hour. I had a lot of milk, but she wasn't an efficient nurser and at times it was really frustrating but we made it and now she's 9 months and easy to nurse (though still impatient and not super efficient). I would definitely try and just nurse nurse nurse all day! My daughter used to fall asleep and be sucking and then wake up and nurse more, and I just let her do it for as long as she wanted (ok, sometimes after an hour and a half I would take her off). YOur daughter will gradually get better at milk transfer and your supply will increase then too. Are you drinking a lot of water? Have you tried eating rolled oats (not quick oats) for breakfast every morning? I found oatmeal to be the best for increasing supply, but water is great too!

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