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Thread: Creating a routine for an undemanding nursling?

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    Default Creating a routine for an undemanding nursling?

    My daughter is 4.5 months old and very laid-back. She rarely shows any obvious feeding cues, so I've just taken to offering if she hasn't cued after 3 or so hours. I also dreamfeed her twice overnight because she rarely wakes to eat and I want to protect my supply. Her weight gains have been fine as of her 4 month appointment.

    My question is this: If she were a more demanding nursling, I wouldn't really care about a schedule or anything. I'd just let her lead the way. However, since she isn't, I feel like I need to come up with some sort of routine (rather than an actual schedule!) to our days to make sure she gets enough feedings in. Right now our "routine" has most of her feedings during sleeping times because she's pretty distractible and tends to eat more while asleep. Is this okay? Should I try to reverse the routine and, instead of nursing to sleep, nurse her after a nap? (She won't do both - she definitely tells me when she doesn't want to nurse. Arched back, crying, etc!)

    I guess I'm wondering how to move forward from here. I assume she'll eventually become less distracted and it would be great to feed her more while she's awake...and attempt to help her nap outside of my arms. I don't mind it too much, but I do have two other children who I'd love to show attention to while baby naps, instead of trying to feed her while she sleeps.

    Right now, a typical day is a dreamfeed at midnight, dreamfeed at 3am, feeding as she's waking around 6am, feeding at 8ish while she naps, feeding around 10:30ish (usually a shorter one because she's awake), feeding while nap around 1:00ish, feeding around 3:30 (again a shorter one because she's awake), feeding while nap around 5:30, and feeding to sleep around 7:30pm. Sometimes she'll rouse a little when I come to bed around 9 and I'll feed her again then.

    Long story short, for a non-demanding nurser who is pretty distracted and not super into eating, is this schedule normal?

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    Default Re: Creating a routine for an undemanding nursling?

    as long as baby is gaining as baby should, this sounds fine-it appears baby nurses 8-10 times a day which is normal frequency for this age. it also sounds like there already is a 'routine' emerging, which is also normal. i don't see any reason to make effort to change it, unless something is really not working for you. The routine will certainly adjust on its own over time anyway.

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