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Thread: posterior tongue tie and upper lip tie

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    Lightbulb posterior tongue tie and upper lip tie

    LC just diagnosed my DS with posterior tongue tie and upper lip tie. We're going to get these looked at (and probably clipped) on Thursday. Anyone have any experience with this?

    He's been gaining well, but the tongue tie and lip tie seem to be really interfering with his comfort during feeding. He cries in pain and loses his grip and also coughs on the milk and swallows air quite a bit...at just about every feeding. (And I don't think regular oversupply is to blame because this doesn't improve when he's on a less full side.) I'm really hoping getting these clipped works out and that we've got happy feedings in our future, but I wouldn't mind hearing from anyone who got a tongue or lip tie clipped, even if it didn't change things for the better.

    Anyhow, here's hoping...!

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    Default Re: posterior tongue tie and upper lip tie

    Clip it clip it clip it!

    My DS had a mostly posterior tongue tie with some anterior involvment, with a very thick and fibrous frenum, and we only got it clipped a couple weeks ago -- and he's now two years old! The tip of his tongue was free enough that it was missed at birth and subsequent pediatricians all dismissed it. I also had a massive oversupply and OALD; for him the problem was not getting milk out, but rather, not drowning in it. Every time I asked about it, the doctors all said "he's gaining well, let's wait and see". He never babbled much, and was diagnosed with a speech delay. When I asked if the tie was a contributing factor, I was told no.

    Finally, at two years of age, we took him to an ENT who confirmed, yes, tongue tied and needs to be clipped. We eventually took him to a dentist who used a laser, instead of the full frenuloplasty the ENT wanted to perform. The ENT and dentist both said that the short frenum was likely contributing to his speech delay, primarily because he simply couldn't move the back half of his tongue.

    I really wish that we'd had the procedure done when he was a tiny baby, because the stretching exercises that are needed after the clip to keep the tongue loose are MUCH harder to perform on a toddler with a full set of teeth!

    Good luck with it!
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    Default Re: posterior tongue tie and upper lip tie

    my suggestion is to talk to you lc and/or the doctor about post-clip exercises. baby may need to relearn latch/tongue movement a bit once tongue is released.

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