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Thread: The moment I've dreaded ... formula time?

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    My DH and I went to a wedding last month and I left 10 oz for my DD to get from grandma! There is NO WAY that she would normally take 10 oz from me at her before bed time top off at 7:15 and her next feeding at 11. Just not possible - but she scarfed down the bottles!!! Babies have little way to regulate the milk coming at them from a bottle - the milk is coming and their response is to drink it! Doesn't mean they NEED it or that they aren't getting enough normally. At the boob, they make the decision of when they are full and happy. You LO sounds like she's doing great, so don't let one bottle deter you! The doctor sounds like he knows little about BFing if he's telling you that your pumping/bottle offering is somehow an indicator of your supply... cuz it's not!!!

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    Thank you for the encouragement everyone! I've been offering more often and will keep my confidence up

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