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Thread: Milk dried up?! Crying now. Need help!!!

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    Default Milk dried up?! Crying now. Need help!!!

    My son is 3 months old today and my milk has dried up. I have a history of hypothyroid and I understand that can cause low milk supply to begin with. I've never became engorged throughout nursing but I've always seemed to have enough. I am a nurse so I work 12 hr shifts (night shifts). I've been back to work for 6 weeks now and was able to store up 22 bags of frozen milk in the freezer and would pump at work to replace the bags we used. Now we have 9 bags. I haven't been able to keep up with what we've been using. Then I came to having to only pump 3 times at work instead of 4 because at the end of my shift it gets very hectic. So I go from 1am to 8am before I can pump or feed my son. Then lately I worked on daylight savings so instead of going 7 hrs in between I went 8. Then I slept for 5 and my husband used a bottle while I slept. I was exhausted and needed those 5 solid hours.

    I think that was just the perfect snowball effect. It's been 2 days since then and I've noticed a HUGE decrease in supply. I fed my son every 3 hours last night (didn't have to work) and pumped each time after. I barely got an ounce. For the past few feedings my son has become fussy and upset. Probably because there's no milk! I just pumped and I literally got a drop from each side. That's it! I'm so upset and crying now. I've been drinking tons of water, drink mothers milk tea, eat oatmeal...is there anything else I can do?! His diapers haven't been that wet like they usually are and I REALLY don't want to have to use formula. I hate this and am so afraid because I go back to work Thursday, Friday, Saturday. I can't keep up and am so worried. I have been taking my thyroid medication as well so I'm not sure what's going on. I think my work schedule is the culprit. I use the Medela Freestyle pump. Please help!!

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    Default Re: Milk dried up?! Crying now. Need help!!!

    hey mama!

    well it seems like there are a lot of things that could lead to less production.

    i know that being a nurse can be limiting when it comes to pumping, but do your best to get the extra sessions in. it is best to pump, even if you can only get 5 min in, do it. dont push it off, it will help your overall production even if you dont get much at that session.

    add in a session in your commute on the way in and on the way home, use a hand held bra and the battery pack. i used to just use a baby blanket as a cover.

    when you can, add in a min of hand expression at the end of each pumping session, again it is another great way of increasing overall production.

    try to nurse nurse nurse when you can.

    try not to stress, even though that is extremely hard it is important. i used to try to take deep relaxing breaths when pumping and listen to music.

    do compressions on your breasts while you pump.

    i would also call infant risk just to get the specific effects of your meds on milk production, i know they can be very helpful.

    finally, just a general rule is to keep the yellow/white valves and membranes semi new because when they get old you need to switch them.

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    Default Re: Milk dried up?! Crying now. Need help!!!

    First thought: get your TSH checked. It's common for moms to have postpartum changes in thyroid function, and this is particularly true when the mom in question has a history of thyroid dysfunction.

    Second thought: nurse as much as possible while you're home with your baby. A few days of high demand are usually just the thing to bump up supply. The fussiness is the price you end up paying, though!

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