My toddler is 27 months old and I still breastfeed her. We also cosleep and she only falls asleep while nursing (although she sometimes falls asleep in her car seat when we're driving and she's really tired). I'm in no hurry to wean her and hope that she will self-wean when she's ready.

My issue is that my work situation has changed. I used to work from home exclusively so I could nurse her to sleep both for her afternoon nap and at night. But I have to go to an office now and although my boss has been flexible (I'm currently working in the office from 9 to 1 and from home the rest of the afternoon), I will be required to be at the office full-time (9 to 5) in the near future.

How do I teach my toddler to fall asleep without nursing for her naps?

I want to make the transition as smooth as possible for her. Is there something I can start doing while I still have the chance to be here in the afternoons? My husband takes care of her during the day so he will be the one putting her down to sleep.

Sorry for the long-winded question. I really appreciate any advice. I'm agonizing over this!