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Thread: Does this sound like oversupply?

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    Default Does this sound like oversupply?

    So I've been reading and reading and reading over the past couple weeks and I *think* that I might have an oversupply problem. I have a 10 week old boy who literally nursed constantly for the first month. Then 3 or so weeks ago he started having green poop. Then in the last 2 weeks he's started to protest. Here's what's been going on:

    Green explosive poop- sometimes frothy
    Poops every 2-3 hours
    Whines will on the breast in most positions, but will not unlatch- this usually starts pretty soon after I put him on, and goes through most of the nursing session
    I am NOT hearing any choking or clicking or anything
    When sidelaying nursing he rarely whines- seems more content
    When awake, he'll be happy for 20 minutes and then he gets fussy (I don't know how much fussiness is average for an LO his age). Most fussy during the day/evening
    Much happier in the morning (I suspect because I've been unknowingly block nursing simply from being lazy and half asleep and that he's side laying nursed all night)
    Sleeps most of the day/night
    Shows extreme discomfort when a bowel movement is eminent
    Diaper rash if I forget to put on coconut oil or with Angel Baby bum creme

    Does this seem like an oversupply/letdown issue to you?

    If so:

    -I was planning on continuing to block nurse and see what happens. I just bought a pump because I have to be out of the house and start seeing clients once or twice a week starting in November. But I'd really only need a few pumping sessions a week to cover the time away. Is that going to create a problem? If so, I can try to figure out a situation where I come home every couple hours to nurse him on those days.

    -I still have not introduced a bottle to LO and people keep telling me that this can be a problem if I hold out any longer. So if pumping is going to create a problem, is delaying a bottle any longer risking him refusing the bottle? It wouldn't be the most diasterous thing in the world because I have a job mostly working out of the house, but it would be nice if he could take a bottle occasionally.

    Sorry, I know that's long. I just wanted to provide all the info I could. Thanks for any help, insight, ideas, anything really. I hate that my little guy is distressed

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    Default Re: Does this sound like oversupply?

    Also, does this mean I can never pump for milksharing? I was really hoping to do that

    Obviously my son is the priority though, just wondering.

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    Default Re: Does this sound like oversupply?

    This doesn't necessarily indicate oversupply to me. There are other possible causes for the behavior and poop you're seeing. Fussiness, particularly in the evenings, is very common with young babies. Pooping every 2-3 hours- or even more often- and acting fussy when about to have a bowel movement is normal. Sleepiness is normal. Frequent diaper rash can be caused by things like yeast, by adverse reactions to disposable diaper chemicals or to detergents if you're using cloth, or can be a function of the extremely delicate skin of a new baby. Green poop can be normal, or it can be caused by yeast, by medications and supplements, or by allergies.

    Here are some symptoms of oversupply:
    - Baby chokes, coughs, clicks, clucks, gags, or splutters while nursing (you're not seeing any of that)
    - Baby frequently pulls off the breast when nursing
    - When baby pulls off the breast, you may see milk stream or squirt
    - Baby feeds quickly, in as little as 5-10 minutes
    - Baby may dislike comfort nursing
    - Mom is frequently engorged or feels full
    - Mom can pump multiple oz of milk with ease, if she is pumping
    - Mom leaks a lot

    If you're not seeing a fair number of the above symptoms, I am not sure I would suspect oversupply. Regardless, oversupply will not preclude you from pumping for milksharing.

    I would introduce a bottle now, if only because older breastfed babies sometimes become resistant to taking one and because it sounds like your life would be easier if your baby did take a bottle.

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    Default Re: Does this sound like oversupply?

    with Mommal. The green frothy poops would be the #1 symptom that you're seeing, that would indicate to me that it could be. Do your breasts feel full or engorged often? It's normal for that to happen sometimes (for example, when LO's have a growth spurt, they often feed furiously for a couple days, and then let up - leaving your breasts feeling quite full), but if they're almost always full then I'd suggest giving block feeding a try. Start with 3hr blocks and see if that helps.
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