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    My son in 28 months old and he is a nursing toddler. He usually nurses to sleep for his daytime nap, also at night and of course in the mornings. So, as you can see, he is still fond of nursing and I am fine with that so no problem there. He does occassionally fall asleep without nursing and has been a little more interested in solids lately. We (the parents) are musicians and we are about to travel without our son for about 5 nights/6 days. He will be staying with family. He does not take a bottle, so should I be pumping so that my family can try to get him to sleep with a cup of breastmilk or will he be fine when I am not around...???
    I would love some input on this.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    At 28 months, I don't think you have to pump prior to your trip. Your family will find their own way to get your toddler to sleep, and breastmilk probably isn't an essential part of his bedtime routine since he's already skipping it from time to time. That being said, if you can pump ahead of time, it won't hurt to leave some milk for your toddler. Who knows- maybe it will help your family care for your LO when he's missing you. And of course you'll want to bring your pump on your trip. 5 days without nursing or pumping might leave you engorged, with a plugged duct, or with very low/nonexistant supply.

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    Thank you so much. This is very helpful and it's so nice to communicate with people that are in support of extended breastfeeding. I encounter a lot of negativity, but now I feel even more empowered!

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    agree with mommal. have fun on your trip!
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