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Thread: 9 months and going strong

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    So my DS is 9 months now and we are still going strong at BFing. I am so happy that I have made it so far after having so many issues with my DD I was so scared and worried that I wouldn't be able to make it even 1 month. I am so happy and excited and get a laugh when people question the fact that I am still breastfeeding. I just smile and go yep its what is best for him and it is up to him when we stop. I also enjoy the look on there face when I say this. I also enjoy how some people ask questions as to why his choice and why so long because it means I get to share how wonderful breastfeeding is. My DH though is the one who gives me the most trouble about my choices in breastfeeding.He is slowly coming around because I do have a can of formula from when I was really sick and would give him formula due to the meds I was on. He will give our son a bottle of formula here and there to let me sleep in or some times nap. He does not enjoy the smell or clean up .... HAHAHAHA We just don't see eye to eye it seems though in our views. I try to get him to see why I feel the way I do on the cry it out method or breastfeeding on demand even night feedings. I have sat down and listened to why he feels the way he does and I have tried to get him to hear me out but It just doesn't happen I have even tried to show him study's backing up my choices. I know he is still adjusting since he was deployed and at one point he wanted a divorce so spent the first 7 months not in our sons life. I have noticed the longer he is here with us the more he is giving in to the choices I have made when it comes to our son.So I just stand my ground knowing that this is what is best for our son that in time he will see come around. I mean hell he used to feel breastfeeding in public using my moby would be a huge perv fest of men trying to look at my breasts and now he sees it nothing more than me doing what god has meant for me to do feed our son and unless your really trying to look the most you see is the back of our sons head.Its funny when I had my DD 8 yeas ago I would never ever have breastfeed in public I put way more stalk in to other peoples views and with my son I am so different. Heck my mom was even shocked at the fact when someone confronted me about how they felt I shouldn't breastfeed in public that I stood my ground explained to them I was with in my right and I didn't have to stop or go sit out of sight because 8 years ago I had issues just breastfeeding in my dads hospital room out of fear a nurse might see me ... Anyway I am so happy to have made it this long and still going. I also am happy to have you all for my little questions and support. If it wasn't for you all I wouldn't have as much back bone to stand my ground on my choice to breastfeed and not letting my son cry it out. It is nice to know there are so many women who feel like I do it makes it easier to stand my ground Thank you all so so so so much

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    So happy to hear that you and DS are going strong, and that you are educating the people around you about breastfeeding! Totally agree with you that it's great to have this community of breastfeeding mamas.

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