Hi, our third son was born last week @ 37+3 days. No complications, my placenta was calcified and they induced me at that point. No issues with latching at birth, all
was fine until my milk came in. I was engorged and continued nursing however he wasn't able to get the hind milk, poo's were still green, and jaundice was setting in.
Baby was getting lethargic and my midwife suggested two options: nurse for at least 30 mins, pump remaining from breast, and then second breast. Top up with the
bottled breast milk. Feed every two hours. This worked the first day/evening,
however at night he was very upset, hungry and scratching at my breasts for more..
I did feel some milk come in after about an hour which he drank nicely, but two
hours later when he was hungry, this was not the case. Next day we went into
hospital to check blood for biliruben, was high but no need for therapy. Midwife
suggests to do same as night before but when he is very hungry to offer formula.
I did not use any formula with the other two kids, but they were full term and
had no issues. He needed the extra calories and energy to rid the biliruben from
his system and I agreed and gave 3oz twice, which allowed me time to rest and
pump 4 oz close to the early morning, he drank it up in the morning. He still has
a good latch and I always offer breast first and at the end of a bottle feed but
I am worried that he will just want the pumped milk from a bottle.
Is is jaw just too weak? He does at times have a good suck and will sometimes
swallow, its
not even the latch, its just that he doesn't always get the swallowing part, will
that come? I also don't notice the let down as much, (no spraying, I have tingling)
He will be 7 days old tomorrow, todays blood tests showed that his biliruben
has gone down which is great. Not to mention I am utterly exhausted.. I just
want to know if anyone has experienced this, does anyone have any suggestions
or advise? He has lost 5% of his birth weight which isn't bad (6lbs 15 oz @ birth)
He is not gaining weight, he is maintaining it though.
Thank you