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Thread: Ever tried introducing a soother to wean?

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    Default Ever tried introducing a soother to wean?

    My DS has never taken a soother. Now he is 18 months, I'm pregnant and out of milk. I want to wean but he is really reluctant. I'm wondering if I can get him to take a soother he may give up easier. But then I'd have to eliminate that in a few months too...

    I'm not sure what to do. When ever I put him off he gets so upset. **sigh**

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    Default Re: Ever tried introducing a soother to wean?


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    Default Re: Ever tried introducing a soother to wean?

    Have you had any success in limiting nursing? I'm not sure if the pacifier would help or not. It seems like you might just be introducing another issue. I do know of people who have weaned to bottles or to straw cups full of yummy smoothies. But, I think that if you want to wean and he is reluctant - that you are just going to have to accept the tears and tantrums. He doesn't understand that it hurts mama to nurse - and boy does it when you are pregnant! - and he needs you to believe in what you are doing. When I was finally ready to wean Lilah near the end of my pregnancy with Beatrix, the tears were ok. Because nursing was worse for me than any tears/tantrum she could come up with. I used a lot of distraction and a lot of getting out of the house and not sitting down.

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    Default Re: Ever tried introducing a soother to wean?

    I did a lot of distraction when I was pregnant, too. At typical nursing times I'd try to arrange things so we were out of the house- at the playground or whatever. And I'd offer other drinks and snacks, sometimes special treats.

    I actually did nurse when she was insistent, but I wasn't necessarily trying to wean, I was just trying to gently push her in that direction. Most of the time it didn't hurt me when she nursed so it wasn't an urgent thing for me. She really lost interest on her own when I dried up.
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