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Thread: Green milk- is it ok?

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    Default Green milk- is it ok?

    I have been pumping for several months and my milk has always been a creamy color. This morning when I pumped, the milk looked green in color. Now that it's been cooled, I checked gain and it's definitely green with only a thin creamy layer on top. I am taking amoxicillin for a sinus infection, but besides that, there's been no changes. Could this be the cause? Could there be other reasons? My LO is not wanting to nurse as long, especially on the right side, which pumped the greater mount of green. Is my milk ok? Can he still drink the green milk? Do I need to worry? Thanks mamas!
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    Greenish-white or bluish-white milk is normal. It's more watery than what you've been pumping to date- i.e. there's more foremilk and less hindmilk- probably because your baby hasn't been nursing that well. But there's nothing wrong with it.

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    Totally normal!
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