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Thread: Worried 4 week old isn't getting enough milk

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    Default Worried 4 week old isn't getting enough milk

    My 4 week old is a very sleepy baby and always falls asleep at the breast after only 10 mins of nursing. I then usually change her diaper to wake her up and try for some more, but she usually spits up before or after her 2nd go around. She has had yellowish-green poop (after every feeding) for about 5 days which tells me she might not be getting any hindmilk in her feelings. I am worried because although she's gained 2.2 lbs since she was born, she hasn't gained any weight in a week. I'm also worried that these short "snacks" are going to effect my milk supply and its going to dip. Anything to worry about?

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    Default Re: Worried 4 week old isn't getting enough milk

    I'm so sorry your post was missed!

    How are things going now?

    Yellowish-green poop can be a variation of normal and not necessarily anything to worry about. Short feedings are also okay as long as they're frequent enough.

    Your baby was gaining weight really well those first four weeks. How has her weight been since you posted?

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