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Thread: Pump weaning over two month holiday?

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    Default Pump weaning over two month holiday?

    I work at a school in the southern hemisphere so our long "summer" break is coming up between Christmas and mid February.

    DD will turn one during this break, in January, so I was planning on pump weaning so that when we come back to school in Feb, I won't have to pump anymore.

    I am already down to one pumping session a day in the morning because she also comes to my work and nurses at lunch (not sure if she will continue this next year, but that is a question for another post) and has started eating more solids (bls) with the nanny. Normally she is drinks 2-5 oz while I am gone from 7:30 to 5.

    My question, is should I do anything specific to pump wean, or do you think it is safe to just stop when I stop work, feed on demand over the holiday and then not pump when I return? Should I do anything specific over the break to make sure my body is ready when I return to work to no longer pump? Are there any other teachers out there who have pump weaned during summer break and how did it go?
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    Default Re: Pump weaning over two month holiday?

    Since you are already pumping just once per day, this should go pretty smoothly. I would try to push that morning pumping session to after you've nursed her at lunch. If you get too uncomfortably full, just pump an ounce or so to take the edge off. Then pump in the afternoon, maybe only for a few minutes.

    I pumped weaned when my daughter was 11 mos old b/c I had enough freezer stash to last until her birthday. We nursed like crazy over the Christmas break, and I though that was going to mess me up and make me have to start pumping again, but it didn't.

    Are you prone to plugged ducts? If not, you can be a bit more aggressive about weaning from the pump.
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    Default Re: Pump weaning over two month holiday?

    I think you'll do fine to just feed on demand during your break and not pick up pumping again when you go back. Though you may want to bring your pump just in case you get engorged the first few days, so you can pump just enough to relieve the discomfort. Unless you can hand express, in which case you could just do that.
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