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Thread: Confused about pumping

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    Default Confused about pumping

    Hi everyone!

    I am a FTM to an almost 3 week old and have started to think about pumping on occasion in the near future. BF has really improved, she has passed her birth weight and diaper output looks great.

    I am a SAHM, but would eventually like to pump/offer a bottle for any times we may be apart for various reasons. I have read through the forum and other sources online, but I'm still left with a couple of questions:

    1. When I start pumping for the first time, is it best to do it immediately after a feed? She usually takes just one breast at a time, so which breast would I pump? Drain the one she took or pump from the other? Then which breast would I feed her from at the next feeding? Or am I supposed to pump both breasts?

    2. Since I don't need to build a supply, how often would I pump? Just on the days I know I'll be apart from her or once daily? Will this affect my supply and lead to an oversupply?

    3. When I am apart from her, I would pump while out at the time she'd be normally nursing, correct?

    Thank you so much in advance. I really appreciate all of the help!!

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    Default Re: Confused about pumping

    1. most people pump in the morning, after a feed. don't expect to get much - an oz would be great. in your situation with a single pump i'd probably pump the unused breast, but double pumps are so much more efficient, i always use them and then have extra milk to store.
    2. depends on how your body responds to the pump; once you have a bottle in advance then ...
    3. every time you are away you pump when she'd eat, so you'll be even and only need to pump when she takes a bottle.
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    Default Re: Confused about pumping

    If you're currently just using one breast per feeding, I'd consider waiting a little longer to pump. Moms who use just one breast per feeding usually have a bit of an oversupply situation going on, and I think it makes sense not to monkey with that by introducing pumping until the oversupply calms down a bit.

    If you want to pump, though, here's what I'd do:
    - Pump the unused breast immediately after baby nurses, but be careful to remove only 2 oz of so, so as not to stimulate even more overproduction.
    - At the next feeding, offer the breast you pumped.
    - Try to alternate which breast gets the additional stimulation from the pump, i.e. don't pumptje same breast every time.
    - Since you're a SAHM, pump on an as-needed basis rather than every day. If you get enough this way, no need to graduate to more frequent pumping. You do not need a large stash when your separations from baby will be infrequent- maybe just a few oz.
    - When apart from baby, pump at the time when you would otherwise nurse.

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