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    DD2 is 2 weeks old. DH and I have been discussing whether or not to introduce a pacifier or not. DD1 had latch problems and never really took on to it. (Also started her too early). We would wait until 3-4 weeks as recommended this time. DD2 has been extra fussy past couple days, only thing to calm her is nursing. DD1 is 3 years old so she needs my attention also, and when its just us I can't be sitting down all night nursing DD2. She is also waking up as soon as I lay her down. I just need a little time to get things done and take care of DD1. I would only let her have it once she has nursed first and only for naps and bedtime. Also, I wouldn't want to use it past 6-7 months so hopefully weaning from it would be easier. Any thoughts or recommendations?


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    At 3-4 weeks, it should be okay to introduce a paci as long as nursing is going well, baby is having sufficient weight gain and diaper output, and you're limiting the time the baby has access to the paci. Just be cautious about sleep- pacis can sometimes help a baby to sleep so well that she skips her nighttime feeding sessions, and you definitely don't want her to be doing that this early on.

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    the only way i could get anything done was help from a glider; she'd nurse then i'd put her in it and then i'd get my chores done. she'd never accept a bink. wish she would have especially @ naps. try a swing/glider.
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    My concern would be if she wants to nurse constantly that it might be a growth spurt. We wanted to wait until after the 6-8 week growth spurt but at 4 weeks we just tried a pasi last night and it helped a lot! I have forceful letdown and have been struggling with feeding her, she often fusses at the breast and we figured out she was overtired a lot of the time so the pasi helped her get some quality nap time.

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    Wearing my son in a carrier really helped me give the attention to the 3 year old that I needed to. You can also nurse in carriers as well.
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