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Thread: how to keep lazy nurser awake or stimulate better nursing...

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    Unhappy how to keep lazy nurser awake or stimulate better nursing...

    ...without really irritating him?? his latch is also upside down, and every time i try to fix it, he fusses and relatches upside down. then falls asleep, unwakingly, then wakes up when i lay him down, screams, starving, and strikes when the milk just doesnt gush into his poorly latched little maw. the ibclc i spoke with said that at 9 weeks he shoulnt require latch correction, but he does, and i dont know how he got into this bad habit, or how to correct it

    this with all the other problems i have (worst is anxiety-driven inhibited letdown) is burning me out.

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    Default Re: how to keep lazy nurser awake or stimulate better nursin

    Can you describe exactly what you mean by "upside down"?

    And how is baby's wet/poopy diaper output?

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    Default Re: how to keep lazy nurser awake or stimulate better nursin

    Upside down=bottom lip at bottom of nipple, top lip over areola completely. Drives me batty!!!

    Also, he loves to curl that top lip in. I downt know how he developed this bad habit.

    He is wetting a good diaper every 3 ( I don't change at sign of firsts dribble). Dyschezia has him pooping event 10+ days :-(

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    Default Re: how to keep lazy nurser awake or stimulate better nursin

    Don't worry about his top lip. Only the bottom one matters.

    I'm wondering if the reason he's at the breast for such long periods is the latch? A good deep latch will help him remove milk more efficiently.

    I've got some good latch links I will add...

    You mentioned he had a tongue tie clipped? I wonder if he's still got issues with his tongue?

    Are you getting help with your anxiety issues?

    Latch links...have you tried the baby-led latch? It takes the pressure off you. You place him on your chest and support him while he latches himself on.

    COMFORT ZONE (Comfort zone explained+your baby knows how to latch)

    ASYMMETRICAL LATCH (Dr Newman’s info)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NO5ZDKynaD0 (assymetrical latch)
    http://www.nbci.ca/index.php?option=...id=6&Itemid=13 (assorted videos)

    THE “FLIPPLE” LATCH (Latching technique where you fold your breast into baby's mouth so your nipple ends up far back in his mouth)

    THE BABY-LED LATCH (Baby latches himself on while mother helps. A relaxing position and often comfortable latch)

    http://breastcrawl.org/ (video of baby self-latching after birth)
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    Default Re: how to keep lazy nurser awake or stimulate better nursin

    I'm confused about something. What do you mean the ibclc said your baby "shouldn't" require latch correction at 9 weeks? Huh? Age has nothing to do with it -either a latch is good or not. Babies of any age can be taught to latch/nurse more effectively.

    But aside from the way the latch looks, what is wrong with it? Does it hurt you and/or prevent baby from getting enough to eat overall? In other words, are you in pain or needing to supplement? In that case, the latch would need tweaking. But some babies are perfectly capable of extracting the milk they need with a latch that looks 'bad."

    A baby protesting when laid down does not necc mean they are starving or even hungry. Many babies prefer to be held up right esp after nursing for a while.

    How often does baby nurse overall? If your baby is nursing wiht a normal frequency-say, 8-10 or more times a day, and cannot gain appropriately, and or, nursing hurts you, then you may need to see an IBCLC who understands how to help you with latch for a 9 week old. Some LC's rarely see babies past the newborn stage and may not think they know what to do/how to help with an "older baby."

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