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Thread: low milk supply & still bleeding 7 weeks postpartum

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    Unhappy low milk supply & still bleeding 7 weeks postpartum

    My milk supply is very low (based on weight pre/post feeding my daughter is only getting a little over an ounce and pumping only produces 1/2 an ounce typically). I've been taking fenugreek, mothers milk tea, pumping after each feeding and sometimes in between feedings (even rented a hospital grade pump despite having purchased my own pump), but nothing is helping. I've also seen 4 lactation consultants all who say my child has a great latch. Additionally I've continued to have lochia and am 7wks postpartum. I recently had an ultrasound done to ensure there's no retained placenta and was told everything looked good. The one suggestion my ob had was that the lining of my uterus may be a little thin which may be causing the bleeding so i o could start taking the pill to boost my estrogen which should thicken the lining and stop the bleeding. Unfortunately thiis would also likely lower my milk production which is alady so low. It's been suggested to me by 3 out of the 4 lactation consultants and my onb that its ok if I want to give up and formula feed. Wondering if anyone has had a similar situation? I'm feeling pretty defeated/frustrated. I don't want to give up on breastfeeding but also cant afford to keep speeing doctors/lactation consultants and spending money on pump rental, herbal supplements, etc with no improvements, especial since I'm also having to buy formula since this is my child's primary source of nutrition. Help!

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    Default Re: low milk supply & still bleeding 7 weeks postpartum

    hi mama, congrats on your new baby, and i'm sorry to hear about your troubles!

    can you give us some more details?
    - complete weight history, along with whether these are done correctly (same scale, naked, double checked)
    - how many times in a day she nurses, for how long
    - how many times a day you pump
    with what pump, is it new?
    how much formula she's getting, on what routine
    what the LCs told you, specifically. did any of them have other ideas? were any IBCLCs?
    how many pre/post weighs you've done, just the 1? they can be widely different
    how many wets/poops in 24 hours

    we can help you better with that info!
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    Default Re: low milk supply & still bleeding 7 weeks postpartum

    She was born 9/14 and was back to normal birth weight on 9/26. By 10/4 she was seeming fussier so I called the lactation consultant at the hospital who then did a weight check on 10/5. At that time she had gained 8oz which averaged out to be 1/2 oz per day which I was told was normal. I started taking mother's milk tea at this time. By 10/9 she was extremely fussy and wanted to be at the breast constantly but would get frustrated and latch on, unlatch and scream. I took her to the pediatrician and her weight was down (don't recall the exact weight) so at this time I started supplementing with formula as advised. I also started pumping after each feeding asd advised bny the lactation consultant at the pediatric office. We went back for a weight check on 10/13 and she had gained about an oz a day and was now just over 9lbs. Pumping after each feeding didn't seem to be helping so on 10/16 I rented the hospital grade pump and also added taking 3-610mg fenugreek capsules 3x/day to my routine.. I've been doing th tea, fenugreek and pumping religiously since. On 10/18 I called the lactation consultant at the pediatric office for more advice as I wasn't seeing any improvement. She suggested I follow up with my ob as the issue may be hormone related. I then saw my ob's nurse practitioner/lactation consultant on 10/19 but she had no new suggestions. On 10/23 I went to aq nursing moms group and the lactation consultant there suggested retained placenta so I called my ob. We waited until my 6wk checkup on 10/29 and at that time they ordered an ultrasound on 10/30. This is when they suggested I start taking the pill. We also did aotherpost feeding weight check which showed baby was still only getting a little over an oz from me. Uve been supplementing with 4oz of formula or expressed milk at almost every feeding. All weight checks have been naked but on different scales. We've done 2 pre/post feeding checks. . I was using a medela Freestyle pump and now the medela symphony. The freestyle is new, the symphony is rented. Um feeding around 8 times per day. Unfortunately with the formula supplement baby is hungry less frequently. When feeding off the breast I let her feed for as long as she wants. Sometimes its for 40 minutes on each breast and other times just 10mins. She also has around 12 soiled diapers per day, 3-4 of which are poppy. My apologies for typos, this was sent from my smart phone.

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    Default Re: low milk supply & still bleeding 7 weeks postpartum

    Hey mama, it's been a while since you posted. How are things going now?

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