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Thread: Lip Tie?

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    Eliot is 5 months, ebf, and not gaining well. It took me 3 months to convince his dr that he had a tongue tie and get it clipped and now I think he might have a lip tie as well. anyone with experience, what do you think? This is the best picture I could get.

    *He was born at 8#2, discharged from the hospital at 7#5. At 3 months he was 12#8. At 4 months he was 13#4 and @ 5 months 13#14. His dr diagnosed him with FTT yesterday. He has met all milestones including rolling both directions, sitting wo support, standing with support. Overall he is a verry happy, playful, alert and observant little boy. His diapers are great about 7-10 wets and 2-3 bms in a 24hr period. We have had other issues in the past so we use a shield. I am trying to wean him but he says no . I don't like medical interventions but at the same time being diagnosed with FTT is scary and I want to do everything in my power to help ds and figure out the low weight gain.
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    I assume you got the tongue tie clipped?

    When you say not gaining well, what have his weight gain numbers been? Birth weight? Each month?

    How many wets/dirty diapers?

    Is the latch uncomfortable for you?

    My Dd3 has a prominent liptie (looks a lot like the photo but I'm no expert) but since she has the adequate diaper output and the latch doesn't hurt we opted against seeing an ENT to have it clipped. Unless your supply is dropping due to inadequate milk transfer or you are getting sore nipples I would think about all your options before jumping to liptie. Again, I'm no expert, it's just what we've done.

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