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Thread: Diarrhoea- Infection?Lactose Intolerance? Lactose Overload?

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    Question Diarrhoea- Infection?Lactose Intolerance? Lactose Overload?

    Diarrhoea- Infection?Lactose Intolerance? Lactose Overload?
    Hello All,
    This is my 1st post so please excuse me if I ramble.
    Here's the thing-
    My DD is now 12 weeks old. When she was born I had severe nipple cracks, bleeding etc and hence began to express and feed. We couldn't hack it with the cup/ spoon/ dropper and so finally succumbed to the bottle (terrible, right?).I started getting better and gradually put her back on to the breast. We had/have latch problems etc but about 6 weeks ago I switched her entirely onto the breast. She would be there all day! I guess the latch and positioning was still ineffective.
    A few days after we started EBFing, her poop became runny and got progressively worse. Took her to two docs and finally, after a lot of testing and an entire course of antibiotics (said it was a viral intestinal infection), they both thought she should be taken off the breast (temporary Lactose Intolerance) and fed with Soy based Formula!!!!!!!
    Finally after about 7 days on Soy (she had 1 toothpaste consistency, yellow ochre Bowel Movement a day) one of the doctors(the one we stuck with) said to reintroduce BM alternating with Soy. s\Since then, She goes once a day and has this strange part toothpaste part liquidy yellowish/ greenish EXTREMELY foul smelling poop.
    What do i do? What is wrong? Have read tonnes about Secondary Lactose intolerance, Lactose Overload and proper latching techniques but I am still throughly confused as to how to address this situation. Please Please help. Thanks!

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Can you describe the poops that made you worry so much that you took the baby to the doc? Were they green? Bloody? Mucousy? Explosive? Was baby's weight gain normal during the period in which she was exclusively breastfed? Did you feel like you were coping with a milk oversupply?

    The reason I ask is that in a baby who is growing normally and is otherwise healthy, weird looking/smelling poops are generally nothing to worry about, and not a reason to switch to formula.

    At this point, some weird-looking poops are to be expected. The ochre toothpaste poop is formula. Yellowish-greenish liquidy poop is breastmilk. The foul-smelling part... Well, it could be the formula. Formula poop smells nasty compared to the average breastmilk poop. But if your baby has a lactose overload thing going on, then yucky smells are probably part of that package.

    So if your baby still has some sort of lactose overload issue going on, then is that a health problem? As long as your baby isn't suffering from congenital lactose intolerance (which rare and is a real health problem) or other metabolic disorder (see this link: http://kellymom.com/health/baby-heal...e-intolerance/), then the weird poops may be something you just put up with. My second kid struggled with lactose overload from my extremely abundant milk supply, and she had consistently green, occasionally blood-streaked/specked poop from about 3 weeks until around 6 months. But she grew and developed completely normally, no formula needed.
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    Please tell me that you did not see TWO doctors who told you to stop nursing your baby-stop giving her the precious food designed by biology JUST for her only due to 'runny poops."

    Breastmilk poops ARE 'runny.' They are supposed to be....

    Are you breastfeeding now? Does it still hurt you? Does your baby gain appropriately as long as she is getting ENOUGH breastmilk-as far as you can tell?

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