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Thread: keeping baby hydrated when sick

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    Default keeping baby hydrated when sick

    Hi mamas,

    My LO (11 months tomorrow) has been having diarrhea for a couple of days (about 48 hours), following a few episodes of vomiting before that. I had some sort of yuck stomach bug yesterday as well, so I am assuming he has something similar (though, he also has a green, runny nose).

    Anyway, with all this diarrhea, I am a little worried about keeping him hydrated. I called the GP for advice and he told me formula milk! WRONG. So, here I am asking what you do when you LOs are sick. I am breastfeeding on demand (=a LOT) so he is getting that, though he may be a little off his feeds (hard to tell because I was REALLY sick yesterday so I'm not sure if the less frequent feeds was about me or him). Do I need to give him anything else? Water? Juice? Oral rehydration fluid? He doesn't seem to be dehydrated yet, but I am not a bit concerned since he is passing SO much diarrhea.

    Thanks, ladies. Can always count on LL for good advice!

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    Default Re: keeping baby hydrated when sick

    All you have to do is nurse on demand. No need for formula (WHAT was your doc thinking?!!), juice, water, or rehydration fluids. Just keep watching baby's diaper output, and be confident that fluid can't be coming out if it's not also going in.

    Hope your LO feels better soon! You're doing the absolute best thing by nursing him right now- there's nothing more comforting or better for baby's troubled tummy.

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    Default Re: keeping baby hydrated when sick

    nurse, no water or juice
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    Default Re: keeping baby hydrated when sick

    just nurse, nurse, nurse
    I once had a dr tell me to stop bf for 2 days and only give pedialite - what a load of crap! YOu are right to question them
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    Default Re: keeping baby hydrated when sick

    Breastfeeding will provide the antibodies and other good things needed to fight off the illness! Don't replace breastfeeding with anything else!!!

    I once had it that my child was sick and would not nurse. I don't own a pump. I hand expressed milk and fed it to her with an eye dropper! It worked.
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