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Thread: decrease supply and wasting baby

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    Default decrease supply and wasting baby

    I had oversupply issues in the beginning. I worked hard on getting that under control. DD is now almost 8 months old. My output at work went from 16 ounces in one session to about 7. I send 12 -14 ounces with DD to daycare so my freezer supply is going away rapidly.

    I can't pump any more than once during the day. One of the issues I'm dealing with is that DD won't actually drink all the milk at the babysitter. She will suck on the bottle and then gurgle the milk and spit it out or fill up her mouth with milk and then smile and laugh and let it all come running out. She's wasting a LOT of milk this way.

    I'm guessing I need to start pumping at home in the evenings or in the car on the way to work. Any ideas on how to get her to stop this? I breastfeed at home.

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    Default Re: decrease supply and wasting baby

    I'm wondering whether DD is being given too much milk at each sitting? What I mean is, does she drink a couple ounces to satisfy her hunger, then start fooling around? In that case could you have the babysitter offer her smaller bottles, perhaps more frequently? Or is she fooling around from the get-go? Also, at this age she should start being able to understand cause and effect. If she spits the milk out or gurgles it, then the bottle gets taken away.

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    Default Re: decrease supply and wasting baby

    Agree w/ PP

    Also, do you mean that you can't pump more than once a day no matter what, or you can't pump more than once a day at work? Would there be anyway to do additional pumping sessions at home (before/after work, on weekends, etc).

    Also, it's quite normal for your pumping output to go down around this age. The time is ripe for AF to come back, decreasing output overall; most babies are eating some solids @ this time, which decreases supply; if you're like me, if AF has come back, you are fertile again, and pregnancy can decrease supply pretty dramatically.

    I would offer smaller bottles @ the baby sitter to decrease waste.
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