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Thread: 13 Months & Counting!!

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    My DD and I have made it to 13 months breastfeeding! I am just so proud of us! When we started our breastfeeding journey I didn't know if we would make it 3 months let alone 13! I am so proud to say she has never had one drop of formula. I am so glad I did my reasearch on breastfeeding before having my LO. And I am very thankful for this website and all the support I have gotten from all the experienced Mommas out there. Breastfeeding is a new and inspiring passion in my life now. So thanks to all of you!
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    Congratulations! Welcome to the afterparty. The 2nd year is so very very different from the 1st. Enjoy nursing your toddler!

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    Congratulations! Great job mama.
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    Congrats! I am at 13 months and counting as well. Our babies are 2 days apart I see. I often thought I wouldn't last either, but yet here I am! Kudos to you!

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    Yay! Lucky baby & lucky mama. I too welcome you to the toddler nursing club. It's quite different in the second year- now you feed AND heal boo boos, nurse toys alongside baby, diffuse tantrums, and keep that bond growing. Now the real fun begins! Kudos :-)

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