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Thread: Thrush or Residue?

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    Default Thrush or Residue?

    I think all along my girl has had milk residue but has been treated for thrush. She doesn't have anything on her tongue, just spot spots on her cheek and inside lip. While sleeping I rubbed with a warm towel and it came off. It's hard to get inside her cheeks b/c she's 14 months, but why would she have milk residue? She nurses and get some cow's milk, along with water and diluted cranberry juice.

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    I would expect milk residue to be on her tongue. Spots on the insides of her cheeks does sound more like thrush. But it's not bothering her at all? Is there any redness underneath when you wipe it off?

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    when my first had thrush it was just white spots but they did not rub off unless I really tried hard (and then it hurt her) but she wasn't in any pain at all until I tried to wipe at them.

    I don't know the answer to your question really other than that. Is she still being treated? For how long? Do you have any symptoms?
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