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Thread: Hunger signs in 3 month old

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    Default Hunger signs in 3 month old

    Hi Moms,
    I have a really silly question... How do you know when your older infant is hungry? I am BF my second child(3 mos) and at a complete loss. My oldest nursed all the time. This guy is often refusing the breast and getting very irritable that I'm trying to feed him. He's constantly sucking and chewing on his hands, so that is not a reliable indicator anymore. I get worried that he's refusing due to milk supply issues or reflux, but other times he nurses very happily. I think I might just be trying to force feed him when he isn't hungry. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Hunger signs in 3 month old

    how often overall will he nurse 'willingly' would you say? how many times a day?
    weight gain up to now normal or not?

    here are some general 'cues' articles just fyi. it does often get harder to read cues at this age i have found.
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    I'm glad I'm not the only one struggling with this---I felt so stupid, going into this thinking, "Demand feeding is going to be easy! Baby just tells me she's hungry and off we go!" hah. It's been so much more complicated. My 10-week-old does seem to have reflux, and that or something is making her averse to continue feeding after about five minutes, even when she is sending me every hunger cue I know of. Last week she found her hands and sucks them like crazy now, to add to the confusion. I have over active letdown and oversupply that I think is finally working itself out, but I can't help being paranoid about supply issues too.

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